Little Known Facts and Statistics

I will be doing a large post on a heated topic this week, but the article is taking longer than I expected. In the meantime, here are some little known but interesting factoids about men, women, sex and relationships. All facts are collected from various academic studies and surveys.

  • Men and women born to older parents (parents over 30) are more likely to be attracted to older faces and less impressed by youth. For men, the attraction only relates to long-term relationships (i.e., if his mother was 35 when he was born, he’ll be interested in older women for relationships, but all women for sex). My personal experience has reflected this. My mother was 33 when she had me. About half of my significant emotional relationships with women have happened with women in their 30′s. Sex is a totally different story.

  • The average man’s ideal woman is 60 lbs lighter than him. This didn’t seem right at first, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Bigger guys are likely to be taller and interested in taller girls. I generally prefer women on the tall side because I’m tall. Short guys are going to prefer shorter girls. All in all, the weights will probably match up often.

  • Mirroring your date’s language style increases the odds that she’ll want to see you again by 33%. This obviously gets complex and begs the question: what defines “language style?” Study was done on speed dating events. Source below.

  • A study on looks and getting hired for a job found that handsome men who included a photo with a resume were 45% MORE likely to get hired, and that attractive women who included a photo were 30% LESS likely to get hired. The study concluded that because HR departments are comprised mostly by women, they unconsciously viewed prettier women as threats and handsome men as assets. Proving that once again, women are catty and jealous.

  • A woman in a bar will get chatted up 6 minutes sooner if she’s wearing make up.

  • For every $5000 more a woman earns than her husband, the chance of divorce increases by 5%.

  • A study in online dating found that the most responded to male-to-female compliment was to compliment a woman on her lips. I never would have guessed this. Results are also cultural-specific. So if you don’t live in the US or UK, then other compliments work better. Check source below for more info.

Sources: Here, here, here, here, and here.

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