How to Pick Up Girls at Parties

Parties are the perfect way to meet women. You have everything working for you: people are there to have fun and meet other people, everyone is within two degrees of separation (i.e., everyone knows someone who knows you), and people are usually drinking and being adventurous.

But still, the the fundamentals of gaming girls still hold up.

Approaching becomes easier. It’s a much more comfortable environment — women feel less threatened — and you always have instant conversation since you always have something in common with whoever you’re talking to. Just ask them who they know or how they know them and you have immediate conversation.

I recommend approaching women with very casual remarks or a hello followed by, “So who do you know here?” It should then be pretty easy to segue into a conversation.

Introducing people you know to each other is also a great way to not only network, but to establish yourself as a social guy and build attraction through social proof.

Bringing women home from parties is often much easier than from a bar or nightclub. There’s a certain level of comfort that’s already present since it’s a private home. If the location of the party is your place, then even better!

It’s best to avoid extremely large parties because this advantage dwindles, and people begin forming cliques. You run into this more at college parties and raves rather than nice dinner parties or private parties at clubs. But if there are hundreds of people there, you’re already at a disadvantage, and you might as well treat the party as club game.

Parties are perfect for expanding your social network — make new friends and acquaintances who can invite you to other parties and gatherings.

All in all, the fundamental skills that you need to know hold true at parties, but you have the added factor of the social connectedness. This can be an advantage, so use it!

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