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How to Attract Women

Posted By Mark On September 26, 2010 @ 4:11 am In Attraction,Dating,Pick Up Girls | 4 Comments

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Every man can make himself more attractive. Every man can create more attraction in the women that he talks to. It’s simply a matter of knowing how and know what is attractive and then practicing that.

So what do women find attractive? Well, the list is seemingly endless, everything from your clothes to your job, to your sense of humor to your interests to your car can make you attractive or unattractive, depending on the woman.

So there has to be a way to simplify it.

From an evolutionary and biological point of view, everything that makes a man or woman sexually attractive correlates to how well he/she can contribute to the survival or fitness of their offspring. I know, it sounds pretty dry, but you get some really fundamental perspective on a lot of things: for instance, a man with high status is more able to provide, a woman with nice hips is able to give birth, a man who is dependable and strong can offer more protection, a woman who is young is more fertile, etc.

Sure, this explains attraction on a certain level. Personally I see it as basic view of reproductive value and has a lot more to do with what defines long-term relationship and marriage material and what doesn’t.

But when we’re talking about attraction, immediate sexual chemistry, I don’t think the old evolutionary notions of “value” help us much.

What I’m talking about is emotion.

Women are emotional creatures. And when it comes to romance and sex, they make their decisions based on emotion, are fixated on their emotions and love a man who can bring out their emotions in them.

Everything that I listed above as being attractive in a man, it’s only as useful as the emotion it brings out of the woman. This is why having a lot of money can turn some women on a lot, and other women don’t care at all. This is why some women get very turned on by an intellectual guy with a Ph.D and other women don’t care. It strikes some emotion within them that’s different than other women — we all have different wants and values after all.

But you can use this to your advantage AS you’re talking to women as well. This is why flirting works, it’s a form of creating a combination of good and sexual emotions in a woman through humor and words. This is why flirting [2] is a massively important skill to acquire. It seems completely counter-intuitive, but using techniques such as teasing, roleplaying, bantering and sarcasm can create highly sexual emotions, even if you piss women off in the process.

Yes, I said it. You can piss women off and create sexual attraction at the same time.

In fact, if you’ve ever heard that saying, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity,” the same goes for attracting women. There’s no such thing as bad emotion. You’d rather have a woman mad at you than indifferent towards you. Anger can be turned into love fairly easily (and vice-versa of course), but boredom? You have to work pretty hard to work your way out of boredom.

That’s why a man’s worst enemy is to be BORING. It’s much better to be an asshole or jerk who stimulates a woman’s emotions than to be a doormat.

Does this mean you SHOULD be an asshole and jerk? Absolutely not. You want to create the same exciting emotions in a positive and flirtatious way. It just takes practice.

That’s why I’ve developed an online system of building successive habits. It takes a man, regardless of his level of skill and experience, and slowly builds the appropriate habits until he’s able to build massive levels of attraction in the women that he meets. Check it out here: http://www.getgirlfriendguaranteed.com/ [3]

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