The Placebo Effect

The label “seduction science” is tossed around pretty liberally and it makes me cringe a little bit every time I see it. There’s little to no science behind what gets passed off as such in this industry. In fact, by its very definition, seduction is a subjective activity (or inter-subjective activity if you want to get fancy) and therefore it’s impossible to control for any single variable and impossible to make any sort of significant objective measurements.

Every woman is unique and therefore it’s impossible to run a controlled experiment. Not to mention every GUY is unique as . . . → Read More: The Placebo Effect

Power in Vulnerability

Below is an excerpt of my new book Models: A Comprehensive Guide to Attracting Women. This is a section is the opening section of Chapter 3: Power in Vulnerability. If you enjoy this, please consider purchasing the book here.

When most men hear the word “vulnerability,” their immediate reaction is to associate it with weakness. In general, men are raised to withhold their emotions, to not show weakness, and to ignore any hint of introspection. On top of that, most of the popular pick up advice out there encourages guys to be aloof, stand-offish, judgmental and at times scathing . . . → Read More: Power in Vulnerability

What Are Your Stories?

Below is an excerpt of my new book Models: A Comprehensive Guide to Attracting Women. This is the opening section of Chapter 10: What Are Your Stories? If you enjoy this, please consider purchasing the book here.

I parked my car in front of the gym and immediately popped my iPod headphones into my ears. As I get out and walk across the parking lot I catch a glimpse of a slender figure walking toward the door from another angle. I look over. She’s hot.

We catch eyes and hold. She looks away, but only after holding my gaze . . . → Read More: What Are Your Stories?

Successful People Never Imitate

For whatever reason, this industry attracts a lot of gossip about its so-called gurus. You see it on forums, at conferences, in interviews; whether this coach can pull girls from night clubs, whether this coach gets hot girls, how many lays this coach has, etc.

I’ve never understood this. And I still don’t. Yes, it was quite disillusioning when I began coaching and met a lot of other people in the industry and realized that many of the “gurus” I had looked up to weren’t nearly as good as I had thought. But honestly, I don’t think it . . . → Read More: Successful People Never Imitate

The Removal of “Can’t”

This is somewhat of a sister-post to the my last post about trying. Today we’re going to handle the word “can’t.” But let’s start out with a very typical email I get from inexperienced guys. This isn’t real, but it’s very similar to the many, many reader questions I get every week. Read it, maybe you’ll relate to parts of it:

Hey Mark, I’ve got a big problem. I can’t ever seem to work up the nerve to talk to the hottest girls. I’ll talk to average girls, but for whatever reason I can’t ever get over my fear . . . → Read More: The Removal of “Can’t”

No Such Thing as “Try”

Back in 2008, I went through a brief Tony Robbins phase. Now, I don’t worship the guy like some people (I think he wavers between cheesy and brilliant depending on the moment), but one instance from one of his seminars really stuck out in my mind.

A woman had stood up in the audience and I think she was saying that she had been chronically depressed for years and sometimes couldn’t get out of bed because she was so upset, etc. Tony then worked with her for a bit, going through her life choices, her relationships, giving her . . . → Read More: No Such Thing as “Try”

My Beliefs and Mindsets

A while back, a couple guys asked me if I could write some of my beliefs and mentalities when it came to women. I don’t claim to be the best guy with women ever. And I definitely don’t claim to be the most emotionally healthy guy walking around. In fact, I still have some lingering beliefs and thought-patterns that I’m still trying to uproot myself.

But I do know that I’ve come a long way in developing some very helpful mindsets. And I also know that I came to this stuff with a lot of helpful beliefs and . . . → Read More: My Beliefs and Mindsets

Paths of Progress

Progress takes many shapes and forms. Progress isn’t always linear. Sometimes it twists, spirals and goes back on itself. Progress can make jumps and progress can stop completely. Sometimes it’s elongated and slow to the point of barely being noticeable. Other times it rushes ahead leaving you exhilarated, barely able to catch up.

In picking up women, even more so than most processes, progress isn’t always clear. Because there’s such a large element of randomness and lack of control, it’s hard to know whether your results are increasing, decreasing or stagnating at any given time. Everyone’s process is . . . → Read More: Paths of Progress

Women Lovers and Women Haters

In my six years within the dating advice and pick up industry, I’ve noticed a pattern among well over 90% of the men. Their general sentiments about women skew to one of two extremes. Let’s call them Women Lovers and Women Haters.

Women Lovers skew to the extreme of loving women to the point of worship. They put the pussy on a pedestal. These are the guys who are usually far too supplicant and people-pleasing. They suffer from Nice Guy Syndrome. Most of the women they’re interested in put them in the friend zone. In relationships, these guys . . . → Read More: Women Lovers and Women Haters

The Madonna/Whore Complex

This is the first of a two-part series. In this post I will cover what the Madonna/Whore Complex is and argue against its impulses both from a pragmatic and philosophical point of view. For those of you who regularly rant against the state of the modern female, or how all women are stupid/cheaters/sluts/filthy/horrible, then you’re going to absolutely hate this post. Not that women are perfect little angels, but I’m going to be coming after the source of your anger and indignation. But I invite you to take a deep breath and keep an open mind. In the next . . . → Read More: The Madonna/Whore Complex